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"Leaders With Vision Helping People With Dreams"

The Waszupp Mentor Network provides Training and Support for individuals who want to discover the true potential of their life purpose. We recognize that most people have the goal to generate more money and make a difference in this world. They have the desire but have lacked the tools, systems and most importantly mentoring. People intuitively recognize the huge shift in the new Global economy and we empower them with systems and personal mentoring to tap into these powerful trends.

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Solution Driven

The Waszupp Mentor Network is the solution to the major problems people face in Life and Success.

First, let's identify these problems and touch on the solutions


Potential prospects are too busy to learn a new process or pursue another time consumptive project.


Most potential prospects have little if any sales background and many are very uncomfortable with the sales (presentation/closing) process especially with friends and family


Although most people under 35 have been raised in a computer/smart device era, many people remain uncomfortable with the modern technologies.

SOLUTION : Our Instant Response Messaging System and Mentor Match-Up support completely solves the time issue. Our system requires no experience, no sales/presentation skills and no computer skills. If you have a few minutes per day, have the desire for additional income and are coachable and teachable, you can succeed with us.